Luxury Hunters

Uploaded on Friday 21 October 2011


This promotional video Features Spokesmodels Bryan Mirabella and Tara Mzdaleski a certified executive personal trainer and Health Coach spokesmodel and TV Personality, Tara will make the New York talk show and media circuit to promote Luxury Hunters.

Luxury Hunters is a Real Life Interactive Social Networking Role Playing Game maybe, better described as a luxury scavenger hunt through Manhattan to find love and prizes. The user logs on to our web site and for $49.95 signs up for 3 days of fun and action in NYC. Participating NYC businesses will hand out clues for five days of game play spread out over two weekends. There are luxurious prizes for the winner of each team category as well as daily prizes for each team group. There will be an awards presentation at end of the game to award the prizes to the winners.

Players can play the game i as an individual or as a duo. On the website, there will be a chat room for discussions of strategies and divining clue meanings, as well as providing a means of electronic team recruiting.

There will be a launch party at the night the treasure hunt begins. The media will be invited to this party. We have acquired sponsorship with AlmaTequila, Cafe Blue Menswear and the Film Annex. The media willl be invited to the launch party in red carpet style. At the end of each day, men and women players meet up at chic bars and restaurants to discuss their clues and strategies


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Country: United States

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