Mackenzie: The Bar Next Door.

Uploaded on Thursday 12 November 2009


Just 20 steps from the front entrance to the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Minneapolis sits this gem of a local. Literally surrounded by the theatre, (they are also about 40 steps from the stage door!) Mackenzie was a beer bar long before it was cool to be so, and features fantastic brews from Midwest breweries (Founders, Surly Brewing) that rarely make it any farther than a few states away. Also available are great brown liquors, a heavy tequila selection, wines, pizza with homemade sauce and other food delicacies, a full size ping-pong table and more Show Posters than you can shake a stick at. That’s right, we’ve found that rare hybrid: a Show People bar with a beer pedigree that goes on for days. Join The Guys (and the local Minneapolis CBS affiliate!) for a tour through Mackenzie!

PS - want to see the CBS story?
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Language: English

Length: 5:12

Country: United States