Marilyn Monroe Exhibition

Uploaded on Friday 24 August 2012


There is a Marilyn Monroe Exhibition in Hollywood museum to memorize the most beautiful and controversial actress in the history. This year is the 50th anniversary for her passing away. Hello Hollywood will take you to the museum and see all the personal items belonging to Marilyn Monroe. We will talk to the experts of Marilyn Monroe and the fans from all over the world.

相信对于我们中国的观众来说,玛丽莲梦露不是一个陌生的名字. 作为20世纪最著名的好莱坞女演员, 她的美丽让许多人倾倒. 她传奇的一生, 更是充满了各种动人的秘密. 她的死, 成为了至今未解的谜题. 一转眼, 这个美丽的灵魂离开我们已经50年了. 今天hh将要带你去参加一个特殊的展览, 在这个展览中, 我们说不定可以更了解这位另无数影迷魂牵梦绕的女演员.


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