Matt Damon Interview for “Promised Land!” I Love Him!

Uploaded on Thursday 27 December 2012


This year alone, I sat down with both Ben Affleck for “Argo” and then now, Matt Damon for “Promised Land.” It’s like 1997 all over again when “Good Will Hunting” made movie magic. Damon returns with his “Good Will Hunting” director, Gus Van Sant, for “Promised Land,” a thoroughly entertaining and engaging movie about one community’s hopes and dreams. And this one is also pretty funny! In this interview, we talked about:

*** The film’s script
*** His boots that made an appearance in the film and Damon’s boots story about his daughter and a Koi pond
*** Why he compared his co-star John Krasinski to Ben Affleck
*** What made him not only star in the film but write the script too
*** His passion of writing
*** Working with Frances McDormand and his palpable chemistry with her
*** Why we root for Damon’s company henchmen character
*** His favorite films growing up and favorite movie performances
*** The magic of Absolut Madness!


Language: English

Length: 3:00

Country: United States