Meets The Amplifetes

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 August 2011


Mean Stream.
The success is it an indicator of quality music? Not on the top of the charts tell us every time best tracks. More accurate to say that what is good buzz break them. The reverse seems increasingly shaky. The success he then only one common denominator? The Americans found their ailments. Mainstream, "the general public, the dominant popular. The term''mainstream''culture can have a positive connotation in the sense of''culture''for all, or not, within the meaning of''culture''hegemonic, "dixit Frédéric Martel, a journalist and researcher on the subject . What is cataloged underground is it necessary to consider so far?
How should you take the Internet? At the crossroads of all that, the micro blogging pointed to Facebook. No rule, it depends. Nobody can say however that the audiance of M6 Music resembles the "feedback" from Hype Machine. We be reassured? There is still no edit Renee on The Mole If it is not easy to determine precisely where popular culture begins and ends where it connected, one group seems to fit naturally in the middle of all this merry mess. The Amplifetes (which apparently does not mean much) released his first album. Just a real buzz: These four from Swedish dynamite Web Stockohlm their dynamic power-pop influences trans-eclectic genres. In other words, the music of today. They apparently started writing hits for Gran Master Flash, Kelis and Madonna before embarking together on the adventure of small dates and backstage smelly. The inverse of the classical path, in short. It is reassuring: the quality still does not respect borders.

Achievement /
Pierre Louis Guetta, Victor Lech, Maxime Richard, Pierre Joseph & Thomas Secondi Zandrowicz.

Translation /
Patrick Dufaure.

Thanks /
Adrien Ohanessian, Steve & Virginie Bouyer Dulorme.


Language: English

Length: 4min

Country: France

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