Minecraft - Rift Island - E5, Make a Map and See the World!

Uploaded on Sunday 29 June 2014


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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Rift Island, a map designed by Ben Ephla for his Seed on Steroids series. Ben has put forward a number of challenges that I need to complete to be able to say a successfully conquered this map! The rules/challenges are:

1. Don't leave the island (you can go to the surrounding Islands)
2. play on at least normal

1. Build a beach home off the main Island.
2. Build a Pier and catch at least 5 fish from it.
3. Build a Boat House and 5 Boats.
4. Build an under ground tree farm.
5. Build 10 Bookcases.
6. Build a Nether Portal. [Episode 4]
7. Gather 12 Enderman Eyes.
8. Make a Pumpkin Pie. [Episode 3]
9. Make a Fishing Rod. [Episode 1]
10. Find the treasure chest that was left behind by Captain Ephla. [Episode 3]
11. Map the island and the surrounding area. [Episode 5]

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Language: English

Country: Canada