Minneapolis Nationals 2014 - Team Final - NYAC vs. PWF

Uploaded on Tuesday 15 April 2014


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This was supposed to be a Gold Medal match in the Senior Men's Sabre Team Event in the 2014 Minneapolis April Nationals. The New York Athletic Club was supposed to be on the right and was supposed to consist of Jeff Spear, Ben Igoe, Andrew Fischl, and Will Spear. The Peter Westbrook Foundation was supposed to be on the left and was supposed to consist of Ivan Lee, Keeth Smart, Luther Clement, and Marty Williams.

Due to a USFA rule stating that a fencer must represent a his/her club at at least one tournament during the year in order to be eligible for nationals, Keeth Smart and Will Spear were not allowed to fence. Keeth Smart and his team had been signed up for the team event several months and the USFA neglected to inform Keeth Smart that he was ineligible to fence in it until the morning of the competition, after he had already flown out and gotten his equipment checked. Keeth was not there to fence the individual event, rather to have a fun team event with some of his teammates from back when he was fencing. Will Spear was ineligible for the team for similar situations since he had been part of an NCAA team, and thus not allowed to represent a club at a tournament, until two weeks prior to the event. Protests were filed and arguments were made to no avail. Even after the opposite teams consented to let the fencers from the other team fence, they said that still, neither was eligible. Keeth Smart is an Olympic Silver medalist, was ranked as highly as number one in the world, and won two individual world cups during his time as an athlete, and still the USFA would not bend a rule to let one of our most accomplished athletes fence so PWF forfeited to the NYAC team and an exhibition was held instead between the two teams which included Keeth Smart and Will Spear. Since the PWF had so graciously handed NYAC the title of national champions, we decided that winners of the exhibition would take home the gold medals for the event.


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