Minneapolis Nationals 2014 - Team

Uploaded on Tuesday 15 April 2014


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This is a team exhibition in the Senior Men's Sabre Team Event in the 2014 Minneapolis April Nationals. The New York Athletic Club is on the right and consists of Jeff Spear, Ben Igoe, Andrew Fischl, and Will Spear. The Peter Westbrook Foundation is on the left and consists of Ivan Lee, Keeth Smart, Luther Clement, and Marty Williams. Though not official, because of decisions made by the USFA that did not sit well with either team, the two teams decided that the winner of this bout would go home with the Gold medals.

After the 5th leg of the bout the USFA made another great decision: the exhibition which had upwards of 100 people watching was moved off of the gold medal strip in order for a veteran final to fence instead. Both teams, the three directors, and all the spectators moved to one of the other video strips to continue the bout.


Language: English

Length: 24:30

Country: United States