Model NATO Challenge at Wesleyan University in Virginia

Uploaded on Thursday 28 June 2018


The Model NATO Challenge is a scholarship competition where the top 29 high school applicants along with 6 alternates are chosen to participate in a mock global crisis simulation. Each student represented one of the 29 NATO member nations in the Challenge, which simulates real-world issues faced by today’s Alliance.

Student diplomats were assigned mentors - military officers from each of the 29 NATO member countries - who assisted in preparing the students for the Challenge while teaching them about their culture, national military resources and political backgrounds.The top candidates receive a scholarship award to be applied toward the college or university of their choice. The competition took place on 28 March 2018 at Virginia Wesleyan University in Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.

Footage includes images of the students and their military mentors during the Challenge, excerpts from students’ speeches, images of the audience and of the judges evaluating.


Language: English

Country: Belgium