Morning Disaster Averted

Uploaded on Wednesday 14 September 2016


God is good all the time. Who would've thought that a few minutes and kilometers after leaving home, a major accident could've happened because of a rider who has either (a) no sense of direction; (b) riding too fast and unable to turn properly without occupying another's lane; or (c) unconsciously riding freely forgetting that there are other vehicles on the road.

Anyway, as can be seen on the provided video, yours truly is enjoying the morning drive going to work. The vast open road is truly inviting to step on the pedal and go fast. Luckily, being the awesomeness that I am, I know better since there are other vehicles on the road so going faster than what is needed is a no-no.

Also, it is fortunate that the blue car signaled that he/she will be going to my lane. This prompted me to adjust my reaction, otherwise, the speeding motorcycle that came out of nowhere would've been sideswiped by my vehicle.

What i don't get about the motorcycle that came out of nowhere is why he would still go to the middle lane since his original lane is already free of vehicles. Watching again the video, one can clearly see that the blue car has taken the middle lane. If the motorcycle is in a hurry, he should've just let the blue car take the middle lane and sped off on his original lane. Instead, it appears that he wanted to beat the blue car out of the middle lane and overtake from there.

Disciple and driving responsibly goes a long a way. Public roads are not race tracks shared with other people. Some people unconsciously does driving mistakes and we understand that. The purpose of this video is to constantly remind us that we should always be aware to drive safely even though we are on a hurry to go somewhwee.

Similar to my other videos, the clip is extracted from dash cam and edited by a free video editor app for android.


Language: English

Country: Philippines