Mr. PC - Behind The Myth

Uploaded on Monday 11 April 2011


Mr. PC is an icon that won't go away, from his career as a gangster rapper to his run in with the Justice Department over allegations of illegal bookmaking for the Pig Olympics he continues to weave himself into the fabric of American Culture. He then went on to become a culinary sensation in the dessert of Roswell New Mexico, followed by catapulting to one of the most beloved and hated dancers in the world. Tap into the past 3 decades of Mr. PC's life in this behind the scenes look by those who knew him best.
Mr. Swagnificent was PC’s sidekick in the early years of Mr. PC’s career. He describes how they managed to navigate the squalor of the suburbs to emerge as some of the biggest names in the Gangster Rap industry. Bob asks a series of hard questions in regard to the smash hit album “Innocent Bystander” and the hit song “Can of Arugula”. Mr. Swagnificent recounts the glories of his and Mr. PC’s ‘Gangsta Rap’ careers.
The Turk explains where the idea for the Pig Olympics came from and how the whole tangled mess with the Justice Department came about. Though he sits at the head of this prestigious Olympic Event, his words are chose quite carefully based on the advice of Mr. PC’s attorney.
Certified Master Chef Sam Betty tries to convince the world that Mr. PC is an extra terrestrial being. He discusses the joys and successes of raising money for Culinary Combat. We are also treated to an explanation of how The Common Chef came into existence. Chef Betty is one of the most famous chefs in the world. Though he does appear to slip in and out of reality, he manages to do so quite lucidly.
The celebrated dance icon, Letha, has been involved with ballroom dance most of her life. She has won honors, competitions, trophies and to this day is the only three time winner of the WDC. She describes how and why she is not a fan of Mr. PC.
In conclusion to this bizarre tale, Mr. PC runs the world famous marketing agency PC House Productions, Inc. Bob Rose recounts a summation of the words used to describe Mr. PC by those who knew him best. The grand finale is a small peak as to what might next on the agenda for a follow up show or perhaps a series? Find out more at


Language: English

Length: 14:15

Country: United States