My Graphic Designing Video

Uploaded on Friday 8 December 2017


As I had keen interest in designing computer graphics, so I decided why I shouldn’t start learning/practicing it. Recently I had started learning graphic designing from YouTube and other different resources, and with the help of these, I successfully managed to get command over Adobe Illustrator and designing vector work. The first project I designed through it is the “tiger head” which I’ve shared with you in the video here. So why not to brief you about its tools and the methods.
Here in the video, I’ve designed a “tiger head” vector work with help of using Adobe Illustrator CS6. For you information, images design through Adobe Illustrator are known as “Vector Work”. As I’m a beginner in designing graphics so I started with tracing images (as you can see in this video). So the graphic in the video I designed was using pen tool. Pen tool is actually for designing curves and sharp edges consist of tangents perpendicular to the points we create. And to make these curves ready to fill colors, I should need to make these curves closed path so the required color wouldn’t spread from the desired place and won’t make other area looks odd. But that’s the other phase. My first phase was about tracing the image neatly and the next is to fill the colors in the respected areas.
After being done with the image tracing, I move towards coloring the illustration. Remember, to fill actual color according to the original pic, I must have both our traced image and original image vice versa on the screen or at art board. After this, I picked accurate color to fill in the traced image from the original pic using color dropper tool and with all these steps our project is now ready.
Hope you have a great time by watching my video. The reason of uploading this video was to share my project with you. Thanks for watching!
Regards, @the_terrific_m
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