NATO trains Jordanian bomb disposal experts

Uploaded on Sunday 26 August 2018


NATO explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) experts are passing their skills on to fellow EOD soldiers in the Jordanian Armed Forces, enhancing their ability to counter the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) both in Jordan and regionally. This is an entry-level programme, focusing on the fundamentals of counter-IED doctrine: finding and disarming explosives while collecting evidence to take down the bomb makers.

Trainers from five NATO nations (Germany, Hungary, Romania, Spain and the United States) have been dispatched from the NATO Counter-IED Centre of Excellence, based in Spain. They’re working together with trainers from the Irish Defence Forces. The course in Jordan is supported by NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme.

The Basic IED Search and Clearance Course started in 2017 and will conclude at the end of 2018.

Footage includes shots of Jordanian counter-IED soldiers in bomb disposal suits searching for and neutralising dummy IEDs; shots of explosions at normal speed and slow-motion; soundbites from US, Spanish and Hungarian instructors, as well as a Jordanian trainee.


Language: English

Country: Spain