Neggy meets Sammy

Uploaded on Tuesday 5 April 2011


Neggy was a black cat, she was a big, black cat. Neggy was a big, black, happy cat. She lived in a large, strange, old house by the sea and in this large, strange, old house by the sea even the mouse was a happy lazy mouse.

But then, one day, that was all to change! That same one day along came Sammy the dog. Sammy was a small, lively and curious dog. Sammy the dog was even more curious than Neggy the cat. Sammy liked to nose about into all the corners of that large strange, old house by the sea. He even frightened the poor mouse with his funny, wet nose, sniffing about all over the place. Sammy also loved to rush about, opening all the doors in his eager intentions of learning new things.


Language: English

Length: 7:45

Country: Spain