Part 2- Egyptian Danny Aziz

Uploaded on Monday 16 May 2011


Egyptian Danny Aziz explains his great system he implemented to get tips while working the China Club VIP Deck. He says after awhile he could guess the dollar amount of the tips he received just by feeling the texture of the bills. Danny also mentions when the Yankees came to the China Club the amount of the tips would go up because all the club goers wanted to be on the VIP deck partying with the team. Egyptian Danny Aziz talks about the celebrities he has met during his career at the clubs. He discusses how crazy it was to work the week after the Yankees won the World Series. He explains how he met his beautiful wife while working at the China Club. They are still married and created a happy family. Danny said even though he was born in Egypt, he feels like and American. He speaks about the mixing of cultures between him and his Irish wife from Kansas City.


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