Part 3- Egyptian Danny Aziz

Uploaded on Monday 16 May 2011


Egyptian Danny tells the story of a huge fight that happened between the Italians and the Albanians on the VIP Deck one night. He talks about one occasion how an Italian mobster from Brooklyn stabbed a patron in front of him. That poor patron died one month later in the hospital. Although fearing for his safety, Danny took the witness stand and put this creep away for life. He was not only worried for his safety but concerned for the safety of his family as well. At that time he was taking care of his mother and sister. Danny said he lives like a Samurai. He has no fear and believes in destiny. “If you are doing the right thing in life and have good energy, life will take care of itself. We are all going to die.” He also explains all the fights he has experienced while working in the clubs. One fight that sticks out in his mind is when some of the New York Jets came into the club and had to be thrown out.


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