Perpetual Muscle Memory

Uploaded on Monday 10 March 2014


Perpetual Muscle Memory was made to explore the interchange between line and shape. It is a collection of over 10,00 drawings that investigate morphing potential of similar shaped elements, both familiar and foreign, in acts of transition.


Language: Music

Length: 11:40

Country: United States


  • luisa-corte-real

  • tuyt-c-n

    @wyshock nice

  • anthony-neil-c-tiu

    cool pane

  • wyshock

    It took two weeks of nonstop drawing

  • JtheSavage

    Great Video. I'm psyched that we had a chance to collaborate and you chose to do this style with my "Talkin' Bout Love"

  • jesseberger

    wow this is really cool, must have taken forever!