Pista'y Dayat 2017(Sea Festival)

Uploaded on Saturday 20 May 2017


Hello again everyone! Today, I am going to take you to another huge festival in my province, the Pista'y Dayat!

Pista'y Dayat is a Sea Festival and a major festival in the province of Pangasinan as it is held at the capital of Pangasinan, Lingayen. Lingayen is situated at the northern coastline of Pangasinan and so the major livelihood of the residents here is fishing. Pista'y Dayat is celebrated the whole month of April until the first week of May as a gratitude of good harvest the entire year.

There are lots of activities you can attend to throughout the run of the celebration although what everyone look out for are the activities and events on May 1. It is the biggest day or the climax of the entire festival. The whole capitol grounds are used for the celebration on this day. And what you can see on the video I made is just a portion of all the things one can experience in this festival.

The videos i took were only during the afternoon and night. The boat parade happens in the morning. Maybe I'll try to go next year. Hehe!

Some activities I have seen are car and motor show, skateboarding contest, tourism and trade expo where there are art and photo exhibit, garden landscape exhibit, bonsai exhibit, a food park, and a one town one product area. There's also a stage at the front of the capitol where celebrities are expected to perform at night and lots of stage at the beachfront for different bands. The Lingayen Capitol was filled with so many people that day, it stresses me out but it was fun. If you are tired walking, you can rent a horse carriage to take around but only to certain routes.

I'd like to attend again this festival next year. Hopefully I can also see the morning activities.

Thanks for watching!


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