Podcast with Francesco Rulli on the importance of the influence of his grandmother Stamura

Uploaded on Wednesday 21 May 2014


In this episode I interview Francesco Rulli the founder of Film Annex and ask who influenced him the most. We get up close and personal with the man behind this company to find out what helped him get to where he is today. Above is the podcast, enjoy.


Language: English

Length: 4:38

Country: United States


  • Ahmads

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  • guido

    Grazie Francesco... è la prima volta che lo vedo, ma è meraviglioso!

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  • l-dng

    so good

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  • Batitom

    thanks Francesco for remember how important was Stamura for us, we miss her!

  • adriu

    simplemente grandioso. I am lucky of knowing her also :-)

  • naheem-khan

    please subcribe me

  • guido

    aprendo la mail di Tommaso ho visto questo tuo bellissimo servizio…. Complimenti hai fatto un lavoro eccezionale

  • Batitom

    Grande Stamura, I learn a lot from her too: A self made woman with a strong personality and fantastic love for her family, but very tough to change her mind!

  • LrY

    very nice, thanks for sharing