Prisoner of Splendor

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


Tony Taste is a big man in every sense of the word. Entrepreneur, master chef, TV star, and gourmand extraordinaire, he rules the world of food and media. But the man who built this success is himself a media creation, fueled by ambition and more than a few lies. Now at the height of his powers, his weight, the most apparent incarnation of his greed, threatens to destroy all he has built. Needing a loan to cover overly ambitious expansion plans, Tony is forced by a cautious bank to get into shape or go away empty handed. Never shrinking from any challenge, Tony rises to the occasion and gets the loan, but in the process his all consuming character leads him down a path of addiction and obsession. Prisoner of Splendor skewers our collective fascination with food, TV and personalities who themselves are being devoured by the gluttonous media machine.


Language: English

Length: 23'05''

Country: United States