Project Underdog Teaser Trailer for the upcoming music video being shot and directed by Mark Kuczewski

Uploaded on Saturday 5 November 2011


Documenting our first charity single which stems from the riots and devastation that hit our city centres. the money raised will go to local communities who help keep children off the streets and away from drugs, alcohol abuse and violence.

We Are Project Underdog!A group of unsigned creative artists and bands from across the UK that have joined together with InScreen Limited to raise money by producing a charity single for a fantastic cause.

This summer in various cities across the country we witnessed mindless acts of vandalism and violence towards everyday people and businesses on a scale unthinkable in todays modern society. The results of these events effected all of us in some way, but for many the scars and devastation are still being felt in communities today. We all need to make a stand together and that is what Project Underdog is about.


Language: English

Length: 01:44

Country: United Kingdom