Reaper Madness

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


A film-within-a-film, “Reaper Madness” is one scene shot from a feature-length a screenplay titled “Reel Blood”, the story of two brothers, Rupert and Orville Pitts, struggling to make a low-budget horror film.

In this scene, Rick, an over-the-hill punk rocker and his girlfriend enter a graveyard in the dead of night with plans to party and instead encounter the Grim Reaper. Off-camera, at the end of the film, we hear the voices of the Pitts brothers in the editing room as they comment on the realism of the gore effects in their horror film as they prepare to screen a rough-cut of their film for their producer, Edgar Gorland, a character based on the Snyder Brothers’ former employer, Roger Corman, the well-known B-movie producer.


Language: English

Length: 7:00

Country: United States