Respublika SHKID

Uploaded on Saturday 10 April 2010


The film is based on the eponymous book, written by two former street gangsters - Grigori Belykh and Leonid Panteleyev. Film is set in the 1920s St. Petersburg, Russia. Streets of the city are full of the homeless boys. They are caught to be raised and educated at the correction school named after Dostoevsky. The boys are street smart and difficult. But the faculty stands up to the challenge. The teaches are being devoted and caring, and gradually win the respect of the most difficult kids. The school director (Yursky) is a refined intellectual, who becomes a role model for the boys. Фильм рассказывает о непростой жизни воспитанников интерната для трудновоспитуемых детей в первые послереволюционные годы. Бывшие беспризорники и преподаватели — граждане «республики ШкИД», Школы имени Достоевского… Russian Film Culture and Archives


Language: Russian

Country: Russian Federation

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