Restart - Trailer

Uploaded on Wednesday 16 March 2011


Sylva’s life used to be all clubs, drinks, and the love of her boyfriend Martin. Until one night, in the throes of party agony, she makes a fatal error and says something unforgiveable to her lover on the phone. After he hangs up on her she realizes her blunder. Now, scared and abandoned she sets out on a journey to win back the love of her boyfriend. Driven by a building fear that Martin is lost to her forever, Sylva’s brain sputters with raw, increasingly paranoid scenarios of what’s happened to him…the lines blur between what is real and what has boiled over from her imagination. Confronted by a series of obstacles she rides an emotional roller coaster towards a final collision. A collision that signifies the moment of a total system breakdown. And…at the same time, the moment to .... RESTART.


Language: Czech

Country: Czech Republic