Restless Movement

Uploaded on Wednesday 14 August 2013


After the very much film influenced ‘Into the Sun’ I found myself once again in more experimental territory with this short. At the time I made ‘Restless Movement’ I was experimenting with morphing rudimentary computer generated 3D objects. Where this drive to experiment with these techniques came from I do not know, but I found the simple visual simplicity of it quite captivating. ‘Restless Movement’ can, I suppose, be interpreted on a number of levels. It could be perceived as an animation concerned with shifting forms and ever changing shapes, previously explored with ‘Left of the Border Films Collaboration One’ or it could be viewed as an abstract meditation on the constantly evolving and changing nature of the every day and certainly hectic pace of life. Or, it could just be a simplistic exercise in manipulating forms and sounds, forcing them to overlap and react to one another. I think what interests me about this animation, and I suppose much of my work, is that the meaning can be very much in the eye of the beholder. I hope you enjoy ‘Restless Movement’.


Language: English

Length: 1:42

Country: United Kingdom