Robert Fallah on Cupcake Digital

Uploaded on Friday 26 October 2012


In this video, Robert Fallaw, Partner at Etico Capital, talks about his involvement in Cupcake Digital.

Cupcake Digital creates educational apps for children. Robert Fallah sees them as more than traditional books as children can interact with the app, which also has games and videos. Tablets and digital devices are now part of children's daily lives which makes that kind of tool very educational. In addition to bringing in capital, he also shares with Cupcake Digital his experience in banking in order to help the company be successful. Going forward, he sees Cupcake Digital develop more digital apps and properties.

More about Robert Fallah: He is an executive with more than 28 years of experience in the investment banking and financial services sector.

Visit the Cupcake Digital website for more information.


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