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Once voted Best Chef in America, Gilles Epie is now dishing it up at his restaurant with his supermodel wife by his side. This culinary artist exudes sex appeal and charisma, and continues to attract attention with his remarkable cuisine. We’re here at Citrus Etoile to talk to master chef Gilles Epie. Epie creates classic French dishes with American accents. California influenced Epie's style of cooking and he cooking for those who did not want to put on weight. So he started taking on Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Mexican dishes. He is known for his rich bold tastes that he creates without butter or cream.
He also explains that the secret to a great dish is always using fresh ingredients.
Because his kitchen has people visiting from across the world, Chef Epié does not use pork. He doesn’t believe in chefs who claim to have recipes passed down through generations or secret ingredients.


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