Serbs In Space Trailer

Uploaded on Monday 7 November 2011


Steve and Dave are going to make a feature film... no matter the cost.
Steve and Dave are going to make a feature film whatever it takes, they have agreed to be followed by Jerry Creaney who wants to make a documentary on their filmmaking journey.
Steve is the director with a vision and no clue and Dave is the producer who has trouble organizing his own lunch. However that’s not going to stop these two from achieving their dream of completing a feature film.
Steve and Dave may not be the brightest but you won’t be able to help cheering them on as they battle everything from corrupt councils, escaped prisoners, Triads, a gang of skinheads, dog catchers, mean coppers and their own crew to see their dream become a reality.

This mockumentary shows all the cons and not much of the pros of film.


Language: English

Length: 2min

Country: Australia