Sony a7s vs Canon 60D - Sharpness & Low Light

Uploaded on Friday 1 August 2014


We just brought the new Sony a7s to be a B camera to our Canon C100, replacing our old Canon 60D.
This camera really is exciting, not only does it have a fantastically sharp full frame 1080p image, but its low light performance is just mind blowing. Its noise also falls into the same camp as Canon's C100/300/500 in my opinion, where sure it gets noisy if you push it but the noise actually looks nice in some circumstances. For example the shot of the tree against the sky in this video, at ISO 25600 and even 51200, the noise could be perfectly useable depending on the project.
Of course the Sony a7s completely defeats the 60D in every aspect really, it was always going to. This test was so we could see in a clear, real world situation, the differences between the two cameras.
One thing I found really interesting was that even 720p 100fps on the a7s is sharper and more detailed than the 60D at 1080p.
More tests to come! If anyone has anything they would like us to test out, let us know.
Going to compare it to the C100 next when we get time, that will be the really interesting test!
All footage shot using the Canon 24-105mm F4 L Lens (using the Metabones EF to E mount v4 on the sony)
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Language: English

Country: United Kingdom