South Beach Heat

Uploaded on Thursday 24 September 2009


A Top female Assassin named "Lysette" from France is hired to take care of a deal gone bad in South Beach, Florida. Only to find crossed roads with an Ex-US Marine now turned vigilante named "Drake Bennett."

His job is never easy, but he counts on - "The Lord" and that's where he gets his strength to do his jobs and at an alter, he is given his next assignment by a so called priest to find the "Angel on the loose that's gone bad" (Lysette) and kill her.

The action starts when the underground French businessman wants his stolen key's and diamonds back from "Rizzo" who is an old friend of Drake's and somehow ends up with the valuable goods.

The chain links have been broken and this is where hell breaks loose! When they hear who has the keys and diamonds the Hitmen try and find them before it's too late for someone to run off with them and gone forever.

In the end the female assassin Lysette and special vigilante Drake square off and one way or another this story must iron itself out - But who will get the diamonds?


Language: English

Length: 2:21

Country: United States