Spot the Hazard in One Minute

Uploaded on Tuesday 13 September 2016


If you search for driving conditions here in the Philippines, you'll probably see the terms hazardous, stressful, and / or chaotic. Sadly, the ones who mentions such may have pulled it out of experience.

As can be seen on this one-minute clip, a number of road hazards and street blockage can be spotted. Its easy to understand why drivers who are not familiar with such driving conditions would be freaked out.

Anyway, to help you out, here are the unusual items that you should see in this one minute clip:
-- Counterflowing pedicabs and motorcycles
-- Parked vehicles at innermost lane reserved as walk way for pedestrians
-- To make matter worse, some portions of the entire left lane are occupied forcing pedestrians to walk in the middle of the road
-- Cutting in line (not by a car but a pedicab)
-- Picking up passengers in some inconvenient spots thereby hindering traffic flow

Except for the last item, all other are pretty obvious. This video's aim is to spread awareness. Hopefully, people will learn to be more disciplined, courteous, and will have more consideration to others.

Notes: Video is a one minute clip taken from dashcam and edited with free video editor found on Playstore.


Language: English

Country: Philippines