Storms in a Teacup

Uploaded on Friday 16 March 2012


Harry and Charlie sit in Harry's barber shop day after day and talk about life, love and tea...always tea. On this particular day an old man wanders in asking for a shave and Harry recognises him as the chap who stabbed him and left him for dead many years ago.

Now Harry holds the blade and has to decide whether to take his vengeance or let this old ghost rest.

This was the first production Nigel & Dave worked on from the start together. Whilst it did win an award, ultimately we weren't satisfied with the end result though hopefully you can see signs of some potential.


Language: English

Length: 7.38

Country: United Kingdom

Creative Commons License

Storms in a Teacup by Fuzzy Duck Creative is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain 3.0 License.