Street Witness

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


There are 100 million street children all over the world who are exposed to the risks of violence, sexual exploitation, labor exploitation, and drugs. The director of ‘Street Witness,’ Soraya Umewaka, a Princeton University student at the time, documents in Quito, Ecuador, testimonies by street youths, the former Vice President of Ecuador and police officers, shedding light on the complexity of the street children crisis. Importantly, ‘Street Witness’ focuses on the children’s inner dignity and strength to confront social stigmatization and social exclusion.

This documentary captures hope and transformation, as Hilario, the main character of the film, exemplifies a true success story, as he makes it to Circo Para Todos, a circus school in Colombia to pursue his dream as a professional circus artist.

One of the main objectives of this film is to have a substantial amount of the proceeds of the documentary go to educational scholarships that will provide life-changing opportunities for these youths.


Language: English

Length: 36 minutes

Country: Japan