Studio Backstage

Uploaded on Tuesday 14 February 2012


Enjoy this deliciously contrasty:

1. "Stuck in a sequence" - Don't put any foundation on a face. This makeup will helps you a glow for eyelashes , put sequence one by one on the face with a glow fix 5 sec and that it. Eyeshadow - put gold color and than use a darker color for an eyeliner. it works perfect!!!

2. "Industrial geisha" - For this shot I did hair , makeup, and dresses. Model has so short hair and you can't put any extension, but I used feathers. I brought longer material , made a hole for the head and wraped the body by scotch. And your industrial geisha is ready.

3. DEW magazine - Such a big stuff of clothes and a lot of small details . It was so difficult to change hair style because there is a lot of powder and hair spray. School of visual arts has big and nice studio with professional equipment

4. "FIT" - it was shoot for model from Elite, Miami. She came with her sister. I got one idea about some photo history of both sisters.One of them who doesn't modelling, was shy, but She did it very expressive and interesting.


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Country: United States

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