Submissa - Trailer

Uploaded on Monday 16 September 2013


A young woman lives in a small town and asks for help at the church. She is running out of money. She dates a young mysterious man and soon understands someone is looking after her because she finds her photo on the floor in front of her house. The mysterious man is a member of a dominant/submissive religious group led by two twin priests. One of the submissive is a waiter in a bar and the one who gets these women photos to deliver to the priest in charge. One of them as a powerful mind capable of hypnosis. When back home the young woman falls asleep but soon starts to feel the most dreadful nightmare, led by a powerful mind.

A nonlinear narrative that intrigues the viewer. It is not clear what we watch: it is either the real life of this woman or her dreams, in which she is fighting to live. The plot reveals a very suspenseful and edgy feel.


Language: Portuguese

Length: 1:13

Country: Portugal