Supporting Yourself While Making Films

Uploaded on Tuesday 25 March 2014


Making films is wonderfully creative and enjoyable experience for those who make them. Filmmakers have a passion to make their films and get their stories told, but the down side to this career is that it can be quite difficult to maintain a regular income. Outside of those who earn the big pay cheques, other filmmakers need to find ways to support themselves financially, whether it be through a day job or by other means. Steve and Ben take a look at why supporting yourself while making films is so important, as well as the notion that you have to struggle for your art if you truly want to succeed. The guys also discuss: problems with the Veronica Mars film release sees investors get refunds, scientists prove the five second rule is no myth, and smartphones and new credit card technology set to revolutionise how we pay.


Language: English

Length: 18:46

Country: Australia