Swapno Satyakam (Dreamz un-dwarfed )

Uploaded on Monday 19 March 2012


Satyakam, a dwarf, disillusioned and hurt by the teasing people about his height, dreams about a world with no violence & abuses. A world made of pure love and wishes to remain submerged in the ocean of the nectar of love.

Frustrated with the cruelty of this real world, Satyakam sets out from home, in search of his dream world and reaches the bank of a stagnant river. There was no flow. It was dry and lifeless. Satyakam can immediately relate to the lifelessness, that he has been experiencing all his life.

One day, on the bank of a stagnant river, Satyakam meets his dream girl, another dwarf, an embodiment of love, whom has been haunting him in his dreams for quite some time. Satyakam start following her and finally musters the courage to face her.

He shares his dream and invites her to join him in search of his dream world of love and forgiveness. The girl agreed.

Suddenly, the water gushed out of the parched land and started trickling down the rocks. The stagnant river started flowing again. Satyakam became the hero of folklore.


Language: English

Length: 0:21:38

Country: India

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