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Takenori akagi he is the captain ball of the shohoku basketball team he is haruko’s older brother. He have a height 197cm hair color black. He is 3rd year. He is a center of shohoku basketball team. The number of jersey is number 4.
Takenori akagi is a strict and a responsible team captain of the shohoku basketball team. He implements discipline towards his all players especially hanamichi sakuragi. He is very serious with the respect of the older years. He also appreciates dedicated person and he also like a cleanliness. He is also a studies person and can have enough time with basketball and academics.
Takenori akagi as the number 1 center in kanagawa. akagi also plays as a fairly typical center, using his height and power to score close to the basket. The best known is his gorilla dunk which came from his nickname GORI given by hanamichi sakuragi.
Takenori akagi he is reputed for being a virtually unbeatable defender under the basket along his fly-swatter block. He is also a great and strong rebounder under the ring. He is block there other enemy.
Many player also want to defeat akagi for rebound but akagi is very strong player of shohoku team. That’s why many players noted that there is no other center like akagi. Akagi a center who usually being the heart of the team and playing at a different level despite being in high school.


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