TANNURA - Egyptian Dance

Uploaded on Tuesday 3 June 2014


The name of this dance comes from the special garment wore by dancers, tannura, that means the gown representing the spinning "Dervishi".
The peculiarity of this dance is the ritual dance and the rural music of the Nile.
Between dance and rituals, we find "sura" from Holy Quran recalling to pray "Allah" and after the symbolic aspects becomes a show where the dancer exalts the rotation of the colored gown.
The musicians and the dancers build an extraordinary mystic pattern through the almost obsessive repetition with the rotation of the body reproducing the pattern of the sun and planets since they turn themselves counter-clockwise.
Basically this dance represents the relationship between sky and earth, between body and soul, between man and God and generate a status of ecstasy.


Language: Silent

Length: 00:03

Country: Italy

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