Taxi-A Moving Life with Chinese

Uploaded on Monday 11 January 2010


This is not the story about one person, but rather, it is a cross-section of a group and a city. The majority of them are the one sitting before the steering wheel, while their families and dreams are moving forward with the rolling wheels.

Alleys of Beijing, this seems to be the center, but incomes of tax drivers do not match the status of this city. Chengdu, well known for its relaxing and cozy atmosphere, but for taxi drivers the hardship can not be avoided. It’s only though a sax-playing driver we discovered the unique sentiment impossible else where; Taipei, the Blue-Green divide can even be found between taxi drivers. An indigenous driver in his sixties still wants to earn money for his children, so that they will come to see him, bringing along his grandchildren. Hong Kong, many tax drivers also volunteer to act as traffic controllers. Between controlling and being controlled, what is the satisfaction for them?

The director passively met and then subjectively selected them. The story—if it can be so called—began from outside taxi windows.


Language: Chinese (simplified)

Length: 32 mins

Country: China