The Art Pack // Boo to the Hoo

Uploaded on Thursday 25 August 2011


Oil on Canvas Fish and Chicken
Strangely connected, Parra is on the east. But if you know. To draw the designs chelous unique pubs Heineken weird, all the visuals of the Society for General Rugby World Cup in 2007 ... Or more discreet, plethora of flyers, album covers for Teenage Bad Girl (electro trend schizo) , a brand of pseudo ghetto clothes for kids, Rockwell, some collaborations for Nike (among others) and Cover 'to ClarkMagazine in 2006.
Returning to Paris for an exhibition at the gallery and friendly The Lazy Dog in Paris, we received very simply, trying to explain why his work is so weird. On the menu: the spiritual Jean Nippon, ParraSoundSystem of great guys, young men in hats and fluorescent red sculpture called "I Will Die Soon." What a program.

Director: Victor Lech Pierre & Zandrowicz.
Thanks: Romuald from The Lazy Dog and Mo from ParraSoundSystem.


Language: English

Length: 4min

Country: France

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