The ATMA Study - scientific investigation into the afterlife

Uploaded on Sunday 10 April 2011


“The ATMA Study” -

Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth? Or, what happens when you die? Is there life after death? What if you could travel thru time, experience the afterlife, and explore mysterious realms? ... You can.

The ATMA Study is a groundbreaking global movie event and a real scientific study that is an immensely entertaining and fascinating exploration of central questions like these that every person on the planet has. This feature documentary is based upon scientific research of the afterlife yet will also have dramatic stories from the study that will be recreated with actors and special effects.

Thru the scientific research we will investigate what are the apparent past lives of patients. We look at these amazing stories from the study subjects and search for evidence in historical records, like grave stones, birth records or property deeds. It’s a compelling story with time travel and travel to other worlds, but thru hypnosis with real science not science fiction. The ATMA Study is an investigation into the deepest mysteries of the universe.

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Language: English

Length: feature film

Country: United States