The Birth

Uploaded on Thursday 23 February 2012


'The Birth' is part of the Shoot Me Fashion project. It was created for artistic purposes. Each creative process is a birth (delivery). Creating a dress is a birth from the designer’s imagination. We have tried to paint this idea. 'The Birth' is not a commercial film, it was created for artistic purposes. The idea comes from animal reproduction. Some animals, giraffes for example, give birth standing on all fours and the calf tumbles onto the ground. As the baby comes out, we see also the other organic elements, like the maternal cord, placenta etc. and when the baby is half way out, the image is very dramatic.

I wanted to interpret this documentary visual for the sleek world of fashion. The idea is comes from animals giving birth, specifically a documentary on giraffes standing to give birth, and the height from which the calf falls into the world.


Language: Silent

Length: 2:30

Country: Turkey