The Czech Army Scouts

Uploaded on Tuesday 25 September 2018


Ground surveillance operators can spend many days out in the field, without re-supply. Equipped with numerous observation devices, these specialists are trained to gather what information they can on the enemy.

This piece includes soundbites from 1st Lieutenant Schudek, 2nd Long Range Recon Unit, Czech Army, as he patrols through a Czech forest on a simulated reconnaissance mission.

Footage also includes footage of the interior and exterior of a hidden command centre, as well as shots of Czech troops from the 102nd Reconnaissance Battalion of the Czech Army performing a variety of surveillance and reconnaissance operations at Hradis training area in the Czech Republic, as part of the trial United Vision 2018. During the trial, participants from 17 NATO nations as well as from the partner countries Finland and Sweden had the opportunity to connect multinational and collective Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities.


Language: English

Country: Czech Republic