The First Ever Sunflower Maze in the Philippines (Part 2)

Uploaded on Wednesday 7 June 2017


Hello there! Welcome to the second part of the first ever sunflower maze in the Philippines! In this video, we're going inside the maze!

Most of the sunflowers are just chest-level high as the flowers were newly planted because the first ones withered due to lots of visitors. People are not allowed to pull or touch the flowers, maybe the previous visitors weren't informed well of the rules so the sunflowers were destroyed. Anyway, even though these flowers were already the second batch, they were equally beautiful with the first. And even though they are shorter this time, one would still surely feel being trapped in a maze while inside but it doesn't matter because your eyes will get amused by the yellow joyful flowers.

They say you can finish strolling inside the maze for about thirty minutes but in our case, we took lots of photos and videos so we lasted about an hour inside. If your feet is feeling sore from walking, you can sit on one of the six colorful chairs inside the maze.

For someone like me who rarely sees sunflowers in real life, I really enjoyed this place. The fresh air, quiet environment and sunflowers; I love this place!

Thanks for watching!


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Country: Philippines