The first science war movie in china ——中国第一部科幻战争短片《七日》

Uploaded on Wednesday 19 October 2011


This a short science fiction film. about the aliens attacking the city where I am living now. It was shot in GuangDong Province of china. Because I am lack of money and professional equipments,It took me almost one year to make this short film. For great enthusiasm on science fiction film, I insist on making this film even through I must to solve many grave problems by myself, for example, camera/scene design/sound mix/special effect/model/animation... And our actors were all my friends and my families ,who are all enthusiastic amateurs.


Language: Chinese (simplified)

Length: 8:35

Country: China

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The first science war movie in china ——中国第一部科幻战争短片《七日》 by 李巨川 Li Ju Chuan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.