The Forest Spirits 狐仙计

Uploaded on Wednesday 9 March 2011


A powerful clan leader goes deep into the forest to hone his supernatural skills. To stop disturbance, he kills one of the forest spirits to warn them while they are having a celebration. Years later, the forest spirits lure a young man into the forest. This is their first step in their revenge against the tyrannical man who has taken away their territory.

Chinese Synopsis by Boo Chee Wee
夏侯争霸,一位武林高手正在深山野林内修炼武功. 不远处,两名狐仙正在举行一小欢宴.因两人所产生的音量太大声,这可激怒了正在练功的夏侯争霸.只见夏侯争霸,拿出一把飞刀使力一丢,可怜的男狐仙顿时倒下.夏候争霸此时大喝两名狐仙速速离开别妨碍他修行,狐仙惧怕争霸速速离开.数年后狐仙引进夏侯无极(争霸之子)进入林内. 这就是狐仙计的第一步.


Language: Chinese (traditional)

Length: 8:00

Country: Singapore