The Geniuses Behind “Steve Jobs”

Uploaded on Wednesday 7 October 2015


I know what you’re thinking, argh, another movie about Steve Jobs? Really? Well, don’t worry, this one is the best so far! Aaron Sorkin wrote a screenplay that’s palpitating with energy and excitement as visually envisioned by Danny Boyle. Michael Fassbender is amazing in the title role, and really, the whole ensemble rocks starting with Kate Winslet (Joanna Hoffman), Seth Rogen (Steve Wozniak), Katherine Waterston (Chrisann Brennan), Michael Stuhlbarg (Andy Hertzfeld), and Jeff Daniels (John Sculley).

“Steve Jobs” opens in limited release this weekend, and will go wider in the upcoming weeks! I love this film!

Take a look at the mini-featurette I made for “Steve Jobs” featuring snippets of my interviews with the cast including Sorkin and Boyle.


Language: English

Country: United States