The Hold Up (1972)

Uploaded on Thursday 20 May 2010


Johnny gets ready for work as his wife gives him his lunch and stays behind to look after their newborn baby. Johnny drives to a factory where he works. The factory owner happens to be the father of Johnny's wife. Johnny meets with his co-workers Bob and Joe where they get laid off. But Johnny, thanks to his father-in-law, keeps his job. Desperate for money, Bob and Joe meet with Johnny at a local bar where they decides to rob a gas station to support themselves. Johnny reluctantly joins them out of friendship.

That night, the three friends hold up a Gulf filling station in their neighborhood. But the robbery goes wrong and all three are arrested.

Three months later, Johnny is shown returning to work at the factory while two of his co-workers discuss how Johnny's father-in-law used his money and influence to keep Johnny out of jail, while Joe and Bob receive prison sentences.


Language: English

Length: 14:08

Country: United States