The Man with the Gun

Uploaded on Saturday 30 October 2010


A propaganda comedy that tells the story of the Bolshevik revolution through the eyes of an ignorant and easy-going peasant who, as a soldier, gets caught up in the proceedings. He does manage to make the Stalin and Lenin characters look like just a pair of good old boys when they laugh as he tells them he allowed a White general to escape because he was awed by the uniform.

Герой фильма — солдат Иван Шадрин, бывший крестьянин, — после победы Октябрьской революции активно включается в революционную борьбу...
Первый фильм кинотрилогии: "Человек с ружьем", "Кремлевские куранты" и "Третья Патетическая".

Ленинская премия в 1959 году — удостоен М. Штраух за фильмы "Человек с ружьем" и "Яков Свердлов".


Language: Russian

Length: 92 min

Country: Russian Federation